• Bowker’s poem honors Bill Evans

  • “You Blows What You Is” is the winning entry in our 41st Short Fiction Contest


  • An excerpt from What the Eye Hears: A History of Tap Dancing, in which author Brian Seibert recounts a time when the connection between jazz and tap began to grow strained — through no fault of the great hoofer Baby Laurence, who adapted tap to bebop.  

  • “Liner Notes for ‘Stardust’ — In Seven Choruses” is a cycle of short poems framed as imaginary liner notes and prompted by poet Doug Fowler’s favorite musical covers of Hoagy Carmichael’s “Stardust.”

  • "In Search of an Elegy" -- a poem by Larsen Bowker
  • "You Blows What You Is" -- a story by Ruth Knafo Setton
  • Book Excerpt from What the Eye Hears
  • "Liner Notes for 'Stardust'" -- short poems by Doug Fowler
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Short Fiction Contest-winning story #41 — “You Blows What You Is,” by Ruth Knafo Setton

The port of Casablanca was crammed with Vichy officers, soldiers, cops, thieves and criminals. Each night I slept behind sand dunes, and each morning, washed in the freezing sea and shook myself dry in the winter wind. My shirt and trousers were stiff with salt and stuck to my chest, arms and legs. I figured it would be easy to steal a sweater or coat, grab it off a café chair while its owner ate and drank. But each time I stuck my head inside a restaurant and started weaving between tables, the owner threatened to call the cops.

No cops, no officers, no father whipping me, never again. I’d lie low, steal what I needed, and owe no one a damned thing.

Ten days after I arrived in Casablanca, a shipload of

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bird1 Quiz Show » Jazz History Quiz

Jazz History Quiz #83

This pioneer pianist of the bop era had short term associations with Benny Carter, Boyd Raeburn, Lester Young, and Charlie Parker, but led such a troubled life that he only recorded once between 1947 – 1971. Who is he?

Mel Powell

Jess Stacy

Joe Albany

Dodo Marmarosa

Lennie Tristano

Al Haig

Hampton Hawes

Phineas Newborn

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a-20 Art » Art Exhibits » Cover Story with Paul Morris

Cover Stories with Paul Morris, Vol. 16

Paul Morris is a graphic designer and writer who collects album art of the 1940’s and 1950’s. He finds his examples of influential mid-century design in the used record stores of Portland, Oregon. In this edition, Paul shares some jazz covers from the 1950’s.

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PDX Jazz Festival is underway

This is a great time of year in Portland. (Actually, just about every day is a great time of year here). The Biamp PDX Jazz Festival, of which I am proudly currently serving as Board President, is now underway, and continues through Feb. 28. Over the weekend I took in terrific shows by Sonny Fortune, Charles Lloyd, Gary Peacock, Gary Bartz, Javon Jackson (with George Cables on piano), and Dianne Reeves. This weekend our stages will feature

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