• I deplaned in Amsterdam to confront my father. In 1990, the year I was born, after the likes of Stan Getz and Freddie Hubbard dubbed him “the reincarnation of Chet Baker,” he quit his part-time job repairing cars in Gilbert, Iowa to go on a worldwide tour from which he never returned.

  • The life of the legendary saxophonist is discussed

  • Noted critics and musicians list their essential 70’s jazz record albums

  • A story of 1974



  • "Homage" -- a short story by Kenneth Levine
  • Cannonball Adderley biographer is interviewed
  • "What are 3 or 4 of your favorite jazz albums from the 1970's?"
  • Joe Sample, the S.L.A., and a budding writer’s altered career path
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Joe Sample, the S.L.A., and a budding writer’s altered career path

Pianist Joe Sample — who died on September 12 at the age of 75 — was a critical link to both the glories of hard bop and the perils of smooth jazz. His career will principally be remembered as a founding member of the Jazz Crusaders (ultimately just “The Crusaders”), a band he described as being “fathers of jazz-funk-fusion.” While his musical contributions are noteworthy, I also remember him for an altogether different reason.

In 1974, The Crusaders were all over the radio. In the San Francisco Bay area (where I lived at the time), their music — particularly their arrangement of Carole King’s “So Far Away” and a sweet ballad called “Way Back Home” — was in heavy rotation on the adult contemporary formatted KSFO-AM as well as on the era’s alternative rock giant KSAN-FM. In record industry parlance, they had “crossed over” into multiple formats. The Crusaders were “huge.”

In addition to being an important musical influence during […] Continue reading »

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Hearing Miles Davis’ “engines just starting to turn” is inspriration for Don Cheadle’s film Miles Ahead

The New York Times reports that progress is being made on Don Cheadle’s film of Miles Davis. In Sunday’s edition, the Times‘ Alan Light writes that, rather than a full-fledged “cradle to grave” “biopic” in the tradition of Ray or Walk the Line, Miles Ahead will instead focus on the period from 1975 – 1980 when Miles was inactive, a period in Miles’ career Cheadle finds fascinating.

Cheadle told Light that “he had heard some recordings Davis made during this period which allowed him to “hear the engines just starting to turn…For me, when someone has been prolific for that long, and then they go quiet for five years, that’s when I go, ‘What’s that about?’ […] Continue reading »

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Jazz History Quiz #51

This pianist worked with (among others) the bands of Bunny Berigan, Tommy Dorsey and Benny Goodman, and was Bing Crosby’s musical director at the time of Crosby’s death in 1977. Who is he? […] Continue reading »

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Dexter in Copenhagen

I will be traveling for the next couple of week so postings (if any) will be sparse. Wishing everyone the best for remainder of the summer!

Hope you enjoy this documentary footage of Dexter Gordon in Montmarte, Copenhagen, 1971. Click on “continue reading” to view it.

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