• In this edition, Paul writes about album covers picturing designer furniture

  • “Playing for Tips” is the winning entry in our 42nd Short Fiction Contest


  • A powerful poem on race

  • “Intergalactic Language,” a short story by James E. Guin, was a finalist in our recently concluded 42nd Short Fiction Contest.

  • Cover Stories with Paul Morris, Vol. 18
  • "Playing for Tips" -- a short story by Kevin Bennett
  • "Color Blind (For Real)" - a poem by Quincy Hull and Marc Livanos
  • "Intergalactic Language" - a short story by James Guin
milessmiles Features

Reminiscing in Tempo: Memories and Opinion, Volume 15: What are 3 or 4 of your favorite jazz record albums of the 1960’s?

“Reminiscing in Tempo” is part of a continuing effort to provide Jerry Jazz Musician readers with unique forms of “edu-tainment.” As often as possible, Jerry Jazz Musician poses one question via e mail to a small number of prominent and diverse people. The question is designed to provoke a lively response that will potentially include the memories and/or opinion of those solicited.

This edition asks the question “What are 3 or 4 of your favorite jazz record albums of the 1960’s?” Respondents include the musicians John McLaughlin, Vijay Iyer, Warren Wolf, Jane Ira Bloom, Don Byron, Robin Eubanks, and journalists Gary Giddins, Dan Morgenstern, Terry Teachout, Neil Tesser, John Goodman and lots more… […] Continue reading »

teendanceparty Art » Art Exhibits » Cover Story with Paul Morris

Cover Stories with Paul Morris, Vol. 6

Paul Morris is a graphic designer and writer who collects album art of the 1940’s and 1950’s. He finds his examples of influential mid-century design in the used record stores of Portland, Oregon.

This edition features teenagers of the 1950’s enjoying their music!

[…] Continue reading »

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Developments in the world of e-book publishing: merging words, video and sound

In 2005 I had the great privilege of interviewing the eminent music biographer Peter Guralnick, who, at the time had just published Dream Boogie: The Triumph of Sam Cooke. To this day, that book remains one of the most entertaining, educational, memorable, and thoroughly enjoyable in my library. This certainly wasn’t a fluke — his book on Elvis Presley is acknowledged by most serious critics as being the ultimate Presley biography, with New York Times critic Gerald Marzorati describing it as “the finest rock-and-roll biography ever written.” In Sunday’s Times, writer Larry Rohter reports that seven of Guralnick’s books, including the Presley and Cooke biographies, “are being reissued this year and next in ‘enhanced e-book’ editions that include video and audio material and, in some cases, new chapters on figures like Jerry Lee Lewis and Delbert McClinton.”

This type of publishing seems like an obvious advancement and is one that may actually entice me to make that long-delayed tablet purchase. Merging audio and video content with written material has long been imagined, and puts into the hands of the reader an ultimate merging of education and entertainment — what I like to refer to as “edu-tainment.”

Rohter writes: “Mr. Guralnick’s e-book project is a particularly ambitious example of what […] Continue reading »

parkeraprilagain Quiz Show

Monday Jazz Quiz #33

In 1938, Charlie Parker stayed in this musician’s New York apartment, despite the wife’s objections. Who is he?

Roy Eldridge

Coleman Hawkins

Billy Eckstine

Art Tatum

Dizzy Gillespie

Lester Young

Kenny Clarke

Buster Smith […] Continue reading »

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Coming Soon…to Jerry Jazz Musician

Three features will be published this week that serve as examples of the type of content I like to publish on Jerry Jazz Musician

* “Cover Stories with Paul Morris” — Volume 6…Mr. Morris, a scholar of vintage record cover art (as well as a serious jazz historian), brings a new edition of his colorful column to these pages.

* “Epistrophy” — the third short story (whose story themes include jazz) I have commissioned fiction writer Arya Jenkins to create exclusively for this publication. Her work is thought provoking, at times challenging, and always brilliant.

* “Reminiscing in Tempo: Memories and Opinion” Volume 15, in which some of the finest living jazz writers and musicians contribute their thoughts when asked the question: “What are 3 or 4 of your favorite jazz recordings from the 1960’s?”

I sincerely hope you enjoy…. […] Continue reading »