• Noted critics and musicians list their essential 70′s jazz record albums

  • The life of the legendary saxophonist is discussed

  • I read the liner notes, listening to Evans in a way I had not listened to anything in some time,

  • A story of 1974



  • "What are 3 or 4 of your favorite jazz albums from the 1970's?"
  • Cannonball Adderley biographer is interviewed
  • "Broad Street" -- a short story by Arya Jenkins
  • Joe Sample, the S.L.A., and a budding writer’s altered career path
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Homage and Memories of Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Rahsaan Roland Kirk defined “musical brilliance.” Referring to jazz as “black classical music,” his genius, showmanship and originality for it was welcomed by some, but, as jazz entrepreneur Todd Barkin wrote, “Rahsaan created a universe of his own, musically, spiritually, and aesthetically — and that was too heavy for most people.” Some critics and musicians even derided his work as that of a “circus act.”

Fortunately, nearly 37 years since his death, a group of wonderfully eccentric New Yorkers — led by Kirk biographer John Kruth (Bright Moments: The Life and Legacy of Rahsaan Roland Kirk) — is assembling […] Continue reading »

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Monday Jazz Quiz #50

Maurice Ravel acknowledged basing his Boléro on an improvisation of this clarinetist, who was also influential in the careers of Benny Goodman and Nat Cole, who made famous this musician’s theme song, “Sweet Lorraine.” Who is he?

Sidney Bechet

Johnny Doods

Jimmy Noone

Wilbur Sweatman

Frankie Teschemacher

Buster Bailey

Ted Lewis

[…] Continue reading »

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Cover Stories with Paul Morris, Vol. 8

Paul Morris is an avid Portland, Oregon record album collector who, in his words, will “share his enthusiasm for the artists who created album covers in the ‘40′s and ‘50′s.” In addition to being a collector of the art, he is a scholar of it. This humorous edition features a “disturbing” and fascinating trend in 1950′s album art — Records on the Floor! […] Continue reading »

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Bird Lives! opens in Los Angeles

Willard Manus, a Los Angeles playwright who has entered stories in our Short Fiction contest, has had works produced on a variety of iconic entertainers, notably Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and Lord Buckley. On August 15, Manus’ new play, Bird Lives! opened at the Chromolume Theater in Culver City. Montae Russell (with countless Hollywood credits, whose most recognizable role being in television’s ER) plays Charlie Parker in a one man performance described by Jay Weston in the Huffington Post as “one of the most powerful, raw, awesome and tragically-moving performances in memory. Oh, my, it really […] Continue reading »