• LeRoi Jones’ (Amiri Baraka) poetic, politically exuberant album liner notes to the 1965 album, New Wave in Jazz

  • On the recording Frank Sinatra Conducts Tone Poems of Color

  • She stood in a room at The Met glancing at the painting on the wall, which was of two women kissing. From her vantage point, standing slightly away and to the side, the two women lying together interlocked in bed appeared cushioned awkwardly in space, free-floating yet connected.

  • In this edition, Paul looks at the art of London Records

  • Liner Notes: The New Wave in Jazz, by LeRoi Jones
  • A Moment in Time — Capitol Records’ Studio A, 1956
  • "The Blue Kiss" -- a short story by Arya Jenkins
  • Cover Stories with Paul Morris, Vol. 15
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Jazz History Quiz #78

This definitive New Orleans trombonist of the 1920’s was a member of the band Spike’s Seven Pods of Pepper Orchestra (featuring Mutt Carey and Dink Johnson), which was the first black band from New Orleans to make a jazz recording on the west coast. Who was he?

Jimmy Harrison

Miff Mole

Kid Ory

George Brunis

Honore Dutrey

J.C. Higinbotham

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When the cows came marching in

Ok, so this is probably old news to most of you, but I stumbled on to this 2011 video of French musicians who go by the name of “The New Hot 5” performing “When the Saints Go Marching In” and “(Won’t You Come Home) Bill Bailey” in a lush farm setting of Autrans, France. Their audience? A very attentive herd of cattle…It is wildly entertaining, and can […] Continue reading »

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Masters of Jazz Photography — Ray Avery

In honor of the late jazz photographer Lee Tanner, Jerry Jazz Musician presents a number of editions of “Master of Jazz Photography,” featuring a work by one of the photographers featured in Tanner’s book The Jazz Image.

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