• Really the Blues, the little-known but highly influential autobiographical work by jazz musician Mezz Mezzrow (co-written by Bernard Wolfe), is one man’s account of decades of jazz and American cultural history. 

  • “Pandora’s Sax,” by Robert Glover, is winning story in the 43rd Jerry Jazz Musician New Short Fiction Contest



  • Dizzy Gillespie’s run for President in 1964 wasn’t as illogical (or comical) as it seems on the surface.

  • The 1958 Newport Jazz Festival is remembered for its meltdown of Benny Goodman’s band, a Saturday night show featuring rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry, and, of course, the full-length documentary film that covered many of the festival’s terrific moments.  Jazz on a Summer’s Day was intended to be a

  • "Glossary of Jazz Slang" -- from Really the Blues
  • Short Fiction Contest Winning Story
  • "Diz for President"
  • A Moment in Time -- Newport, July, 1958
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Jazz History Quiz #92

Although he was an accomplished bandleader whose 1932 – 1936 band became the nucleus of the first Woody Herman Orchestra, his most important contribution to music is as a songwriter, whose work includes “It Had to Be You,” “I’ll See You in My Dreams,” and “There is No Greater Love.” Who is he?

Isham Jones

Charlie Barnet

Erskine Hawkins

Buddy Johnson

Boyd Raeburn

Don Redman

Ben Pollack

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“Royal Street, New Orleans, April 2016” — photos by John McCluskey

John McCluskey, a contributing poet to Jerry Jazz Musician, submitted six photographs of jazz musicians he took while recently visiting New Orleans. John writes that the shots were “deliberately processed…in the most colorful way possible to illustrate the sensibility of the performers.”

These photos feature musicians performing on Royal Street, New Orleans, in April 2016.

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Photographer Chuck Krall: Jazz in Images

In a 2013 podcast, photographer Chuck Krall – notable for his photos of Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Dizzy Gillespie and legendary musicians of the 1970’s – talks with KMHD (Portland) radio personality Jessica Rand. Krall’s remembrance of his time with Dizzy is worth the (free) price of admission! Go here to hear the podcast, and stick around for a

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