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  • Royal had studied her from the bandstand each and every night since their first gig. Such a little thing she was.



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dizroy Features

Memorable Quotes — Roy Eldridge on Dizzy Gillespie

In the late 1970′s, the great trumpeter Roy Eldridge wrote of his experience mentoring Dizzy Gillespie during the 1930′s.

“I was with my own band at the Savoy. And Dizzy, Charlie Shavers, Bama, Joe Guy, and another little cat that was bad, named Bobby Moore, all used to come around. They could play all the things that I had made better than I could, you know. But Dizzy had his thing going. I talked to him once down at Minton’s and he was asking me how I did certain things and I told him. And the one thing I appreciate about Diz, even though he used to play something like me, is that he went on and […] Continue reading »

tristano1 Quiz Show

Monday Jazz Quiz #45

This tenor saxophonist played with Hoagy Carmichael’s Teenagers, as well as Buddy Rich, Lennie Tristano (pictured), and Lee Konitz. He collapsed and died on stage at Los Angeles’ Donte’s club in 1987 while playing “Out of Nowhere.” Who is he?

John Gilmore

Chico Freeman

Warne Marsh

Ted Brown

Al Cohn

Bob Cooper

Buddy Tate

Buddy Collette

Go to the next page or the answer! […] Continue reading »

collier1 Uncategorized

Jazz writer James Lincoln Collier’s racially offensive op-ed headline

James Lincoln Collier — a Louis Armstrong biographer who described listening to Armstrong’s 1935 – 1947 Decca recordings “one after another” as a “dispiriting experience” — has written a pretty dispiriting piece of his own. Published in the July, 2014 edition of the West View News (“The Voice of the West Village”), the op-ed, titled “N—-R in the White House” (full offensive word not edited out in the publication’s headline) is characterized by several major news sources as being “pro-Obama.” One of the claims Collier makes is that “The simple truth is that there is still in America an irreducible measure of racism,” and that “far right voters hate Obama because he is black.”

The piece will likely find some sympathetic readers, but the headline was offensive and unnecessary to the piece’s intent, and appears to have been utilized simply because, […] Continue reading »

morris-cover Art

Cover Stories with Paul Morris, Vol. 7

Paul Morris is an avid Portland, Oregon record album collector who, in his words, will “share his enthusiasm for the artists who created album covers in the ‘40′s and ‘50′s.” In addition to being a collector of the art, he is a scholar of it. This edition features Alex Steinweiss album covers from his prime period — the late 1940′s and early 1950′s. […] Continue reading »

mileshorace1 Features » A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time: Miles Davis and Horace Silver, 1954

From his autobiography, Miles Davis recalls his experience meeting and playing with the recently deceased pianist Horace Silver in 1954, a point in time following Miles kicking heroin.  Silver played on Rudy Van Gelder-engineered recording sessions with Miles at the time of this Alfred Lion photograph that were released on Miles Davis Volume 3 for Blue Note, and Miles Davis Quartet for Prestige.


The scene in New York had changed since I’d been gone. The MJQ — Modern Jazz Quartet — was big on the music scene then; the kind of “cool” chamber jazz thing they were doing was getting over big. People were still talking about Chet Baker and Lennie Tristano and George Shearing, all that stuff that came out of Birth of the Cool. Dizzy was still playing great as ever, but Bird was […] Continue reading »